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1. Know your blood pressure. 115/76 ideal.
Benefit: 9 years younger
2. Take a walk, 30 minutes a day.
Benefit: 1.7 years younger
3. Take one-half of a regular 325 mg.
aspirin or two baby aspirins every day
with a glass of water.
Benefit: 0.9 years younger after 90 days
    2.2 years younger after 3 years
4. Floss and brush daily.
Benefit: 6.4 years younger
5. Avoid second-hand smoke. (1 hour of
exposure is the same as smoking 4
cigarettes yourself)
Loss: 6.9 years older
6. Eat non-fried fish three times a week
(or take distilled fish oil pills)
Benefit: up to 3 years younger
7. Get a good night's sleep. (Men: 7-8
hours; Women 6.5-7 hours)
Benefit: 3 years younger
8. Become a lifelong learner and
challenge yourself with games.
Benefit:2.5 years younger
9.Manage your finances and live below
your means.
Financial stress. Loss: 8 years younger
10. Relieve stress by learning a stress
reduction technique. (Deep breaths lying
down 10 a day)
Benefit: 6 years younger
11. Learn to read food labels. (Avoid
saturated and trans fats and simple
Benefit: 3.6 years younger
12. Get 400 IU of Vitamin D from food or
vitamins a day.
Benefit: 1.1 years younger
13. Call a friend.
Benefit: 8 years younger
14. Get 800 mcg. of folate from food or
Benefit: 1.2 years younger
15. Eat Flavonoids.
Benefit: 1.9 years younger for men
0.8 years younger for women
16. Keep immunizations current
17. Have sex. (Men: quantity; Women;
Benefit: 1.6 to 8 years younger
18. Have safe sex.
Loss: 5-8 years older for unprotected sex
19. Wash your hands and food frequently.
(Wash foods three times in luke warm
water. Shaking hands - the leading way
viruses are transported)
Benefit: 0.4 years younger
20. Eat five servings of fruit and four of
veggies a day.
Benefit: 1.4 years younger
21. Walk 30 minutes a day.
Benefit: 1.7 years younger
22. Do ten minutes of weight training
three times a week. (lunges, crunches,
Benefit: 1.7 years younger
23a. Take calcium to keep your bones
young. (600 mg. twice a day)
Benefit 0.5 years younger
23b. Get enough magnesium. (400 mg. a
Benefit: 0.9 years younger
24. Don't take unnecessary vitamins and
supplements and clean your shelf of old
ones (Don't take too much Vitamin A, only
2,500 IU a day)
Loss: 1.7 years older.
25. Eat an ounce of nuts a day. (All nuts
are good. Walnuts are best; contain more
Omega 3 than others. Eat 2-6 before lunch
and 6 before dinner.)
Benefit: 4 years younger
26. Enjoy healthy fat before each meal
(Slows stomach from emptying, feel full
Benefit: 1.8 years younger
27. Avoid all white food.
Benefit: 3.4 years younger
28. Enjoy coffee. (Lowers risks of
Alzheimer or Parkinson's diseases. Side
effects: stimulates migraines, too fast
heartbeats, gastric upset and anxiety).
Benefit: 0.3 years younger
29. Eat breakfast daily.
Benefit 1.1 years younger
30. Take all necessary medicines and the
way they are prescribed.
Benefit: 0.7 years younger
31. Wear a helmet when riding a bike.
Benefit: 1 year younger if ride a bike five times
a month
The RealAge Makeover Tips
by Michael F. Roizen, M.D.