The Marion County Health Department is required to enforce the Lead Poisoning Prevention
Act 94-0879, which was signed into law on June 20, 2006. The information highlighted below
was included in the new regulations.

The mandatory poster can be downloaded by clicking the image (shown on the left) or to
order as many posters as you need, contact the Illinois Department of Public Health at
1-217-782-3517. If you have any questions regarding the law, posters or the distribution,
please contact the Illinois Department of Public Health.
Lead Poisoning Prevention Act
Public Act 94-0879
410 ILCS 45/6.01
Sec. 6.01 Warning statement where supplies sold.

(a) Any retailer, store, or commercial establishment
that offers paint or other supplies intended for the
removal of paint shall display, in a prominent and
easily visible location, a poster containing, at a
minimum, the following:

(1) a statement that dry sanding and dry scraping of
paint in dwellings built before 1978 is dangerous;

(2) a statement that the improper removal of old paint
is a significant source of lead dust and the primary
cause of lead poisoning; and

(3) contact information where consumers can obtain
more information.

(b) The Department shall provide sample posters and brochures
that commercial establishments may use. The Department shall
make these posters and brochures available in hard copy and via
download from the Department's Internet website.

(c) A commercial establishment shall be deemed to be in
compliance with this Section if the commercial establishment
displays lead poisoning prevention posters or provides brochures
to its customers that meet the minimum requirements of this
Section but come out of a source other than the Department.
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