Smoke-Free Multi
Unit Housing
For more information on
Smoke-Free Unit Housing contact
Mary Williams at the health
department at 618-548-3878.
Marion County Health Department is working to improve
the health of residents of Marion County by reducing
exposure to secondhand smoke in multi-unit housing.  

According to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) "no level
of secondhand smoke exposure is safe".  Secondhand
smoke exposure occurs when nonsmokers breathe in
smoke exhaled by smokers or from burning products.  It
kills more than 400 infants (infant deaths due to
secondhand smoke related to Sudden Infant Death
Syndrome) and 41,000 adult nonsmokers every year (due
to secondhand smoke related to lung cancer and heart

The home is the primary source of exposure for children.  
About 80 million (1 in 4) Americans live in multi-unit
housing and can be exposed to unwanted secondhand
smoke in their homes.  Secondhand smoke from units or
common areas  where smoking occurs can seep into
smoke free units.  Many who live in public housing are
affected by secondhand smoke, including children, the
elderly and people with disabilities.

Marion County Health Department has been contacting
multi-unit apartment owners and managers to explain the
benefits of having a smoke free policy.  Limiting smoking
will lower fire risk and damage from forgotten cigarettes.  
Smoking is the leading cause of residential fire deaths and
injuries.  Becoming a smoke free environment will increase
property values and decrease insurance premiums.  If you
are an owner of multi-unit housing units and would like to
know more about implementing a smoke-free policy within
your facilities contact Mary Williams, Marion County Health
Department at 618-548-3878.

                              Contact List
Owners/Managers of Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing

Marion County Housing        618-532-1894
Jim and Linda Becker            618-548-1344
Ed Smalley                               618-292-5920
Lee Nollman                            618-532-2438
Lloyd Wert                               618-292-5920
Ron Hickman                           618-322-1244
Whritenour Properties          618-342-4484
Leon Chapman                       618-267-4309     
Jeff Dunahee Realty              618-548-6683
Whitney Purcell (Oak Park)   618-335-0777
Chris Meyer                            618-335-2059