Do not flush the following items! These items can quickly
fill your unit with solids that cannot be treated, and will require that you contact a
licensed contractor to pump the system more frequently.
Sand Filter: Recirculating
  • coffee grinds
  • dental floss
  • disposable diapers
  • kitty litter
  • sanitary napkins
  • tampons
  • cigarette butts
  • condoms
  • fat, grease or oil
  • paper towels
Hazardous chemicals, such as:
  • paints
  • varnishes
  • thinners
  • waste oils
  • photographic solutions
  • pesticides
A recirculating sand filter consists of an open filter bed and a pumping chamber following
the septic tank. The liquid from the pumping tank is recirculated several times before
discharging to a suitable location.

  1. Only a small area needed for installation
  2. High water table does not interfere with function
  3. Discharge site is only 20 to 40 inches below ground level
  4. Does not depend upon soil to absorb septic tank effluent
  1. High maintenance cost
  2. Filter bed surface must be kept clear of leaves and grass
  3. Continuing cost of electricity to run pump, timers and alarms

Food Safety
Hand Washing
Power Outage
Safe Food Temp

Aerobic System
Holding Tank
Sand Filters:
Seepage System
Waste Stabilation
Pond / Lagoon

Body Art
Lead Poisoning Act
Lyme Disease
West Nile Virus
When choosing which type of system to use, certain factors must be considered so that the system
selected will best serve the individual's needs:
  1. Type of soil on the property
  2. Topography (lay of the land)
  3. Lot size; available property for the installation
  4. Surrounding features - wells (both yours and the neighbors'), water lines,  property lines,
    driveways, etc.

If you have any questions concerning this guide or if you wish to apply for a permit to
install one of the above private sewage disposal systems, please feel free to contact:

Marion County Health Department
Division of Environmental Health
118 Cross Creek Boulevard
Salem, Illinois  62881

Telephone: 618-548-3878
Fax:  618-548-3866